Cracked Pipe Lawsuit in Florida – Which Public Adjuster You Can Count On?

Cracked Pipe Lawsuit in Florida

A cracked pipe might seem small, but it can cause more damage than you can imagine. It not only increases your water bill suddenly but can harm the walls as well as the floorings. In today’s hectic schedule, you may not even realize the damage it has caused until some big problems occur. It requires constant inspection and lawsuit to cover the damage caused by a cracker pipe. But can you file a cracked pipe lawsuit alone?

The insurance companies make many excuses to decline your claim. So, how to process your claim to avoid denial? Gold Coast Public Adjuster can help you claim the adequate amount as reimbursement.


What are the Signs of a Cracked Pipe?

While some cracks are wide open, some can’t be identified easily. You have to check the water connection thoroughly or call in an expert to identify the cracks. However, there are a few signs that help you track the cracked water pipes at your home. Click here for a free inspection.

  • Considerable increase in your water bill all of a sudden.
  • Pooling of water in home flooring, lawn, or the backyard even in the dry season.
  • Sound of water flowing even when the taps are closed.
  • Growth of grass and other weeds at a particular area of the lawn.
  • Wall is getting damp at certain places.

What is Covered Under Homeowner Insurance?

The insurance policies differ to a great extent. Different companies will view the same damaged pipe differently. Most insurance policies cover water damage from an appliance’s broken pipe, but some may not cover that. The damage caused by a sudden burst of water pipe to the wall, flooring, paint, and other things are covered under the homeowner’s insurance. Moreover, removing water and drying up the home, and preventing mold are also covered in every insurance policy. However, when you take insurance or make a claim, you must read the fine prints properly.

Why is Gold Coast Public Adjuster the Best for Cracked Pipe Lawsuit in Florida?

Gold Coast Public Adjuster has helped thousands of people in filing lawsuits. We have years of experience in assessing damage and making claims for an adequate amount. Our legal experts know various insurance policies in detail. We will file your case like we are doing it for ourselves. Moreover, we don’t charge any fee if there is no recovery.

Let Gold Coast Public Adjuster Help You!

Just like you don’t fight a case without a legal expert, why file your insurance claim yourself? Filing your insurance claim incorrectly can lead to denial. Don’t take a chance; call us today and get the justified amount from the claim.