Gold Coast Licensed Public Adjusters in Fort Lauderdale: Fire, Water, Wind, Hurricane, Business, and Residential Insurance Claims for Broward and Palm Beach counties

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Some of Our Services

Public Adjusters Fort Lauderdale, Residential Claims


We handle property damages claims of our client’s property loss.

Public Adjusters Fort Lauderdale, Commercial Claims


We assist in the handling of commercial losses affecting all types of businesses.

Public Adjusters Fort Lauderdale, Claims


We help customers who have been denied or underpaid claims get their deserved benefits.

Public Adjusters Fort Lauderdale, Water Damage


Water damage in Fort Lauderdale, FL is common in many communities. Leaks, broken drain lines, and floods are some of the causes covered in a claim.

Public Adjusters Fort Lauderdale, Mold Damage


When mold damage in Fort Lauderdale is found in your home, the claim process might be complex without the help of a public adjuster.

Public Adjusters Fort Lauderdale, Fire Damage


Fire and smoke damages both require a lot of repair. Let Gold Coast Public Adjusters fight for you in Broward County

Commercial and Residential Insurance Claims

You may be entitled to money from your insurance company. Let Gold Coast Public Adjuster Fort Lauderdale review your policy & inspect your damages FREE of charge.

Public Adjusters Florida

Fort Lauderdale Public Adjusters FAQs

Yes call, can be covered and interior damage can be covered.

Carrier can not pick you out and drop you for filing a claim.

We advise not to do it. Gold Coast licensed adjusters will help you to decide if it is worth reporting this claim to your insurance company. Even if you are only asking them a question, they may raise your rates even though you are not making a claim.

No. You are under no obligation to use their suggested contractor. Remember, these contractors get their work assignments from the claim company so, many times you are better off using your own contractors making sure they really work for you and not the insurance company.

No. Your roof is not covered. Roof repairs are considered regular maintenance. The policy will only cover interior damages that occur subsequently to your roof damage.

Claims can be reopened and you may request additional payments as long as your damages are properly documented.

Absolutely not. The only people authorized in the State of Florida to negotiate and settle a claim are the policyholder, a public adjuster, like Gold Coast licensed Public Adjusters, and an attorney.

Your mortgage company will have to endorse your check in order for you to cash it or, perhaps better, they should reimburse you for the total amount of your claim check. You will need to communicate with your mortgage company to find out their particular process for determining that you repaired your damage to their satisfaction.

Yes. It is the company’s decision to keep or raise your premium, and even drop you after a claim. They have the right not to renew your policy. Simply be aware and look for the best advice with Gold Coast Certified Adjusters.

Gold Coast will put the estimate of damages together for you and save you the trouble of getting three estimates.

For claims purposes, you are the person responsible for documenting your loss. Gold Coast Licensed Adjusters will fully document your loss for you and take that headache away from you

You have an obligation to stop any leak and mitigate any damage under the conditions of your policy. The company can deny your claim for not stopping the leak in a timely manner. This can be very costly if not taken care of properly.

No, you shouldn’t have called them. Calling them right away is the conventional wisdom drummed into policyholder minds from insurance company advertising. Remember, the “captive” insurance agent works for their insurance company and “independent” agents work for many insurance companies. All of these agents have a contractual obligation and get paid by the insurance company. Only public adjusters like Gold Coast Licensed Public Adjusters and Attorneys are licensed to advocate insurance claims on your behalf.

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Client’s Testimonials

After I had a leak in my kitchen under the sink, my insurance company sent me a check that barley covered anything. I was referred to Kirt Schoenheit by a friend who had helped him on his claim. He explained the process to me, took care of all the paperwork and was personally here every time the insurance company sent someone out. In a short time, I settled for more then I could have imagined and love my new kitchen. Thank you so much.
Tricia H.
Coral Springs
We had used a public adjuster previously a few years back and it was not a good experience. We could never get a hold of him, didn’t hear for months on end and people would show up at our door wanting to inspect things. It took over a year to be done. Kirt took care of everything. We talked to him weekly, he always answered our calls no matter what time and came every time someone wanted to look at our house. In just a few months we got more than we ever expected!
Alex R.
Pembroke Pines
Our house had a leak behind the fridge. We thought it was minor till our handyman started to work on it. We were referred to Kirt and had a great experience! He handled all the phone calls and paperwork, emailed us updates so we always knew what was going on. He was also very informative about our options and the best way for us to proceed. In no time flat, our claim was settled and we had a new kitchen too.
Barry R.
It started with water on my floor and got worse from there. Mr. Schoenheit was referred to me by a co-worker. He came out and took a look at my problem and then explained what my different options were as far as filing an insurance claim. I let him handle it all. I never had to make a phone call, talk to anyone or fill out any paperwork. Couldn’t have been easier.
Debra S.
Pembroke Pines