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Wind Driven Rain

What is wind driven rain insurance? Basically, this is the water or rain driven to your house because of strong winds. Many insurers won’t cover such damages since wind driven rain wouldn’t be propelled in your home if the wind isn’t present.

When you home is damaged during a storm or hurricane, some insurers will use the wind driven rain stipulation to evade claims. This can happen even if you have flood damages coverage. Why? Because insurance companies only consider damages if those are done by the rain on its own.

Wind driven rain claims and flood insurance

Whenever water seeps into the property and damages the structure, many homeowners think that this is qualified as flood damages.

However, when it comes to wind driven rain, insurers can easily evade payouts. The National Flood Insurance Program states that if the water entered the property through a door or window damaged by wind, it doesn’t count as flood-related.

Flood insurance only covers damages caused by tidal or inland waters that run off at any surface.

What to do if the insurer denies your wind driven rain claim?

Every policy will have various inclusions. Still, some policyholders would only find out that they aren’t covered the moment they file for a claim.

The problem with wind driven rain is that it’s not always outlined in insurance policies. Some insurers will make it vague in the fine print so they can get away without paying.

But if your property is widely damaged and you have enough bases to fight for a claim, it’s time to hire the help of a public adjuster.

Public adjusters will study your policy and press the insurer to grant your claim given that there’s enough proof for it. Insurance adjusters are well-experienced in the ambiguities of insurance policies. This will help boost your chance of a granted claim and the right payout.