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Fort Lauderdale Storm Damage

Torrential storms can strike Florida without warning. Also, it may cause damages to properties and a need to file for an insurance claim to cushion the financial blow. From wind driven rain to full storm damage, you need public adjusters to ensure that you’re going to get the right coverage.

Storms can cause flooding, roof damage, shattered windows, and other structural damages. Aside from ensuring the safety of your loved ones, you also need to do water damage clean up and fix the damages in the soonest possible time.

So where do you start after the onslaught? Here’s what we recommend for a worthwhile insurance claim process:

*Record the scope of the damages – Take pictures and videos as evidence of how damaged your property was right after the storm. Before the storm, make sure that you also take detailed photos of your property for comparison.

*Review your policy – Before you file for a claim, review your policy and check the coverage terms. This will help you identify what your insurer should be accountable for.

What if your claim got denied?

There are many instances when insurance companies deny storm coverage claims. One reason is that if a large area is battered by a storm, many will file to cover the fees of water damage repair companies.

Here’s what you should do:

*Ask for a detailed explanation – Insurance companies should prove that their denial is legal. If their explanation isn’t acceptable, you should tap the help of public adjusters to fight for your claim.

*Don’t accept a settlement – Many insurers will take advantage of the pressing financial needs of the affected policyholders. They will try to give you a settlement that’s way smaller than what you deserve.

* Call a public adjuster – Once your claim got denied, don’t think twice about asking the help of a public adjuster. You’ll have better chances of getting the right payment when you have an insurance expert backing you up.

Storms can bring tons of damages: wind driven rain, flooding, and structural problems. Whatever happens, you should always get the claim payment you deserve.