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Pipe Lawsuit Florida

Thousands of households in Florida don’t just face the burden of wind driven rain. They also have to deal with another insurance claim dilemma: pipe damages.

Many insurers deny or offer a meager settlement whenever residents would file for coverage due to their cast iron leaks. And to defend their rights to receive coverage, many homeowners file a pipe lawsuit Florida.

The problem with iron pipes

Many old houses in Florida were built with cast iron pipes. These were expected to last around 50 to 75 years. However, fast corrosion may happen in unfavorable conditions which will cut the pipe’s lifespan to 25 or 40 years.

As corrosion advances, the pipe thins which will soon cause the leak. If the leak isn’t discovered as it takes place, it will call for insurance coverage to pay for the water damage cleaning services.

Some of the signs of pipe leaks are warped floors, clogging, slow drains, water stains, and pest infestation.

What to do when your pipe leak claim gets denied

Pipe repairs can be costly depending on the extent of the damage. This is the reason why insurance companies will try to evade a decent claim payment.

If you have enough bases for a claim and the insurance company strongly denies, you can file for a lawsuit. Here are some of the possible conditions:

*Your property was constructed before 1975, has prominent water damage, and you haven’t filed for any claim yet.

*Your property was constructed before 1975, has water damage, and you have a previous water damage claim that got denied or settled with an unjust amount.

Aside from a lawyer, you also need the help of public adjusters to fight for your rightful claim. Public adjusters like the Gold Coast are experts in terms of insurance policies.

We will help you file a lawsuit with strong evidence. And be it wind driven rain or other water damage, public adjusters will ensure that you’ll get the right claim payout.