Gold Coast Licensed Public Adjusters in Fort Lauderdale: Fire, Water, Wind, Hurricane, Business, and Residential Insurance Claims for Broward and Palm Beach counties

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Public Adjusters near me

Public Adjusters near you: Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Gold Coast Public Adjusters serve customers near by in Broward and Palm Beach counties in Southeast Florida

Our licensed public adjusters are here to fight for you against the insurance company to ensure you get awarded the compensation you legally deserve.

After your home has been damaged you need to focus on repairs and getting your home back to normal, not having to deal with your insurance company. That’s why we are nearby. We know the area and  the community. We live here. We have suffered the same hurricanes, storms, and flooding you have. We are the adjusters near you.

public adjuster near meGold Coast Public Adjusters can help in different ways:

• Inspecting your home
• Documenting the damages
• Giving accurate repair estimates
• Dealing with the insurance company on your behalf

If you try to fight the insurance company on your own you could risk having your claim get denied or underpaid. Trust our licensed public adjusters to get the solutions, and payments, your are entitled.

Why do you need licensed public  adjusters?

Most people who file a claim rely completely on their insurance company to calculate the amount of damage and what they’re owed. That’s not the way to go if you really want to be paid all you’re entitled. There is an inherent conflict if the same insurance company calculate the damage to pay you. You need to get paid all you’re owed so someone has to make the calculations and research, provide complete documentation to your insurer, make a written demand for payment and keep following up. This is a not task for a claimant who doesn’t know all the nuances. The process of evaluating, completing and submitting a claim for a policyholder is remarkably exhaustive. It’s unlikely a policyholder would be able to complete a form accurately with a similar level of detail, especially since every property and claim are different.

Your best bet is to find a professional licensed public adjuster who is trained in dealing with insurance companies to help you every step of the way. 

Public adjusters are regulated

Usually they are paid by contingency which means you will pay them based on what they recover for you. This guarantees they will be thorough in their processes. Additionally, they are regulated by Florida Statutes which also protects you, the claimant.

Give us a call 754-444-7411  to find out in more detail how we can help you and your family

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